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Start Profession and Career Charter for Diversity

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Founded in December 2006 by four major German manufacturers under the auspices of the German Federal Chancellor, it now has more than 1.000 members. We are talking about the “Charter for Diversity”.

The Federal Patent Court was the first – and so far the only – German federal court to join the "Charter for Diversity" in 2007. The Charter aims to nurture an internal culture which is characterised by mutual respect and esteem for all, no matter what gender, race or identity. The duty which this involves, namely that of accepting the diversity of society inside and outside our court, and of living and creating it, is faced by the members of the Federal Patent Court every day with great commitment and in the different fields of their daily work.

Cultural opening has to start somewhere:
the cooperation initiative of the Federal Patent Court

In the course of joining the Charter, the Federal Patent Court has launched a cooperation initiative with two general-education secondary schools in Munich. Both schools have a high percentage of foreigners. Our Turkish- and Russian-background trainees tell 8th graders how they have “made it”. By successfully applying for a traineeship, they have set an example to other young people with a migration background, and thus encourage an awareness of career possibilities. A handout was developed and designed to reach out to young people, targeting general-education secondary school pupils with a migration background, and distributed to give them tips for a successful traineeship application.

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Particularly when it comes to the selection procedure for our traineeships we say: Differences make no difference to us!

It comes as no surprise that this cooperation initiative between the Federal Patent Court and the two general-education secondary schools in Munich was launched primarily by our trainees: 50 per cent of our trainees have a migration background, and we are glad that we can provide a vocational training opportunity to these committed young people.

More information about the Charter and the “Diversity as an Opportunity” initiative is available at

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