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You can find selected judgements of the Federal Patent Court from 1 January 2006 onwards, which you can download free of charge for non-commercial purposes, via the document search in the section entitle "Judgementsexterner Link. These are, however, only available in German.

Commercial utilisation is only allowed on a fee basis. If you are interested in such utilisation, please contact the Department for Public Relations and International Affairs at the Federal Patent Court, Cincinnatistrasse 64, 81549 Munich, Tel.: +49 89 69 937-250.

Individual judgements can be found via either the special search terms “date” (of the judgement) and “court file ref.” or via a full text search. A special search function was created for patents, utility models, trade marks and designs, which ties in with the number of the proprietary right which formed the subject-matter of the proceedings.

The abbreviations used in this file for the different boards of the Federal Patent Court have the following meanings:

Nichtigkeit Nichtigkeitssenat
GebrM Gebrauchsmuster-Beschwerdesenat
Jur.Beschw. Juristischer Beschwerdesenat
Techn.Beschw. Technischer Beschwerdesenat
Marken Marken-Beschwerdesenat
Sortensch. Sortenschutz-Beschwerdesenat

Please note that the Federal Patent Court is not allowed to give you legal advice. For this reason, the Court cannot accept a request to compile the relevant judgements for legal questions that are interesting for you. For that purpose, you should contact for instance a patent attorney, attorney-at-law or legal counsel.